Q. As a new client, what do I need to bring to Mercy House to sign up for services?

A. Just yourself and identification. If you have no identification, please call us, we can work with you.

Q. What if I’m a single dad, am married, am a grandparent or foster parent?

A. We help everyone who walks in the door, not only single mom’s.

Q. Do I need to or can I make an appointment?

A. We don’t take appointments to use the blessing closet, just walk-ins. Please make an appointment if you’d like counseling, to talk about adoption, to talk about volunteering, if you want to apply to live in the house or there’s a particular matter you’d like to discuss. We may not be able to help you with your needs, but we do have a large resource book and can probably point you in the right direction.

Q. Do your hours ever vary?

A. YES! If Ida schools are closed, we are closed. We may also close if surrounding school districts close OR If the building has no electricity OR If our volunteers feel it’s unsafe to drive, we won’t be opened. We close for holiday breaks as well. It’s always safest to call before coming. (734) 240-2239