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Policies and Procedures During the Covid-19 Virus

Here at Mercy House, we understand that times are a bit tougher now than they were pre-pandemic. We will NOT be shutting down and we WILL remain open in order to help our clients get the supplies they need! Due to the infectious and possibly serious nature of the Covid-19 virus, we will be changing how we do things in order to help protect the health of our clients, their children and our volunteers.

We started on Monday, March 16th, 2020 at 10 A.M. providing car-side service!

Simply pull up to Mercy House and honk your horn! One of our volunteers will gladly come out to your car, provide you with a list of the items we have available, take your order and then happily go collect the items you need and bring them to you!

It is our goal to help slow down the spread of this virus and to work towards protecting our most vulnerable populations…our babies! We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time. We will be offering car-side service until further notice!

Our volunteers temperatures are taken every morning.  We don’t come in if we’re feeling ill. We clean and disinfect regularly, our hands and everything we use. We ask that you stay in your vehicle for social distancing purposes.

We are a Christian Crisis Pregnancy Agency. We have a Blessing Closet that contains a small food pantry and a home for unwed mothers. We can also help connect you with the right people. if you want release your baby for adoption.

Our most used resource is our Blessing Closet. We want to honor your decision to have children whether biologically or by adoption. We do this by providing our clients free baby and children’s item. Clients can visit on a monthly basis.

We have a Christmas Room that opens on November 1st each year. Clients are able to get up to three Christmas gifts per child in the month of November and again in December. We also have Easter baskets for clients to give their children during that season.

Our Mission

New Beginnings Mercy House is a 501c3 Evangelical Christian Ministry devoted to the infinite worth of every human life.

Mercy House offers women in crisis pregnancies alternatives to abortion by providing community based support services such as free pregnancy tests, free counseling, parental skills training, medical referrals and adoption services..

We provide residential services such as housing, clothing, food, bible studies, and continued education with the aim to facilitate self sufficiency.

The ministry is supportive of the mother’s decision to parent or make adoption plans for her baby.

Mercy House takes a Christ-centered approach so each woman can know and chose God’s plan and purpose for her life and the life of her baby.