New Blog writers

Hello everyone, my name is Mark, I’m a board member of New Beginnings Mercy House, and I’m going to be attempting to revive the blog. I have a great variety of topics I’d like to focus on over time. First just a little about myself. I work for the city of Sylvania, and on Sundays I work at Black Swamp Auctions in Toledo. When I came onto the board several years ago it was in the midst of restructuring. I decided that I would like my calling on the board to be fundraising and outreach. Over the last three years I’ve had auctions, craft sales, made a ton of new connections and community partners and have been trying to expand the reach of Mercy House into new communities. I couldn’t do any of it without the support of Stephenie. Our latest craft sale brought in some cash, but more importantly, raised awareness of who we are and what we do, we made some connections and new community partners that are very good, that’s what we must do as a community, help each other and lift each other up. If anyone knows of anyone who needs our help, please contact anyone at Mercy House or myself, we’re here to help. Sometimes the hardest part is asking for help, but we are there. As of this year alone we’ve helped over 800 young women and clients have had about 30 babies. We are here for you, if we can’t help we will show you the direction of someone better suited.

God Bless